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Are you a victim of layoff mania or are you considering a career change? Try using the information and examples on my website to create your own resume and cover letter.

Networking is the lifeblood in finding a job, but networking without a resume can be a waste of your time. A resume is nothing more than a sales tool. Learn how to sell yourself with a professional resume from Free Resume Example.com and make that networking count!

Simply put, networking is getting your resume to people who can either hire you or refer you to someone who can. Your goal is to gain as much exposure as possible in the job market as quickly as possible. The Internet has made self-promotion easier and much more efficient. Remember, it's the proactive job seeker who gets the best job the quickest.

My website provides sources, links and examples to assist you in writing a marketable resume and cover letter. Please use them as much as you like and pass it on to your friends.

My experience includes over 25 years of professional resume writing. I have survived three layoffs. I am also a US Navy Veteran, so I know what it is like to try to find a job after leaving the service. Nothing takes the place of a well written resume and cover letter on professional looking paper.

I have tried more job boards, resume writing sites, resume distribution services and job placement businesses than I care to remember. In the end it was the paper resume I handed the interviewer that got me the job. Let me pass my experiences on to you for free. Explore my website and benefit from it.

Regardless of your profession, you need a professional looking resume. In a tight job market, only the best survive. This website is dedicated to helping you, the job seeker, become the best.